13-November 2019 - Workshop organised by BFI in DĂĽsseldorf "Surface treatment by pickling with inorganic acids"

The event Flyer can be found here.

Presentations related to ReWaCEM:

  • Matthias Kozariszczuk (BFI) "Surface treatment by pickling with inorganic acids"
  • Frederik Kolinke (DEW) "Operational experiences of process bath analy-sis in a wire rod pickling plant"
  • Joachim Koschikowski (Fraunhofer ISE) "Recovery of acids and metals from pickling solutions by combined membrane processes"
  • Ralf Wolters (BFI) "Recovery of acids and valuable components from process or rinsing water"



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in the Topic SPIRE-01-2016 "Systematic approaches for resource-efficient water management systems in process industries" with the accronym ReWaCEM under grant agreement No 723729.