Hot-Dip Galvanizing

If you are from Hot-Dip Galvanizing industry, by using two cutting-edge membrane technologies (Diffusion Dialysis and Membrane Distillation)..  can benefit economical from recovery of HCl, Iron and fluxing solution from pickling waste acid solutions: 

  • You can benefit of significant acid disposal cost savings per year.
  • Zinc recovery to be used in fluxing solution will generate additional savings per year. The pickling process will be improved by reducing the pickling time and the process will be more stable as the acid concentration is remaining more constant. Furthermore a high revenue can be generated by recovery of Iron Hydroxide.

Environmental benefit – as proven in our Demo case – can be:

  • About 40% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • About 30% lower fossil primary energy demand.
  • Up to 90% less mass for disposal.

Regulatory compliance

  • Neutralization for disposal or reuse of the acidic solution without any treatment is not considered a Best Available Technique (BAT). BATs have to be adopted for the environmental permit of plants by authorities.
  • Early adopters can gain a competitive advantage both through the above-mentioned cost savings and by securing approval for plant operation.

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