Stainless steel wire rod

Stainless steel wire rod production

If you are from stainless steel wire rod production industry, by using Diffusion Dialysis..  can benefit economical from recovery of mixed Hydrofluoric Acid and Nitric Acid pickling solutions: 

  • You can benefit of significant acid disposal cost savings per year through the operation of a diffusion dialysis system.
  • By means of diffusion dialysis, the recovery of more than 85 - 90 % of the free acid (HF, HNO3) from the waste acid is possible.
  • No Membrane Distillation technology needed for this business case
  • With increasing Waste acid / Recovered acid ratio, higher acid concentrations are obtained in the diffusate.
  • Amortisation period of the plant can be 3 years or less.

Environmental benefit – as proven in our Demo case – can be:

  • Around 25% lower consumption of primary HN03.
  • Approximately 5% lower consumption of primary HF.

Regulatory compliance

  • Neutralization for disposal or reuse of the acidic solution without any treatment is not considered a Best Available Technique (BAT). BATs have to be adopted for the environmental permit of plants by authorities.
  • Early adopters can gain a competitive advantage both through the above-mentioned cost savings and by securing approval for plant operation.

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